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Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao will enter esports with his new content creation organization, Team Pacquiao GG. The team will consist of five famous streamers from the Philippines and will be accompanied by the branding of the famous Filipino boxer, sources told Upcomer on Friday.

“We’re #ReadyToRumble,” the Team Pacquiao GG account tweeted on Thursday. “Tune into our Facebook page tomorrow at 2PM for the launch of Team Pacquiao GG.”

The five rumored streamers for this team are from the Philippines and have had a great impact in the community. It is rumored that these would be the streamers that would make up the team:  Shin Boo “sh1nboo” Ponferrada, Een Mercado, Elyson “GHOST Wrecker” Caranza, Gian Lois “GLOCO” Concepcion and Kimberlee “superkimbie” Arcillas.

Manny Pacquiao enters esports

The 42-year-old boxer is making the jump from traditional sport ventures into esports. Movements of this type are becoming more and more common, such as the famous FC Barcelona football player, Gerard Pique, who last September announced together with Ibai Llanos the creation of a new esports team.

Manny Pacquiao has a record of 62 wins out of 71 fights. His last fight was on August 22, where he lost against Yordenis Ugás.

Meet the team

Sh1nboo is the head of production at GrindSky, a gaming video production company. His Facebook page currently lists him as the operations manager for Team Pacquiao GG. Een Mercado is a variety streamer and cosplayer that collects NFTs. GHOST Wrecker is a streamer for Tierone Entertainment. GLOCO is a gaming YouTuber and superkimbie is a more generalized content creator.

Team Pacquiao GG will launch on Saturday at 11 a.m. ET.  The website for the team is currently counting down to the team’s official debut.

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