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As of Thursday, Lost Ark now has the second highest concurrent viewership of any game on Twitch.tv over a 48-hour period according to Gamesight. The newest MMORPG game’s viewership numbers on release have only been beaten by VALORANT’s 48-hour concurrent viewership.

Lost Ark hits second highest Twitch viewership in first two days

Lost Ark hasn’t even technically been released yet, and the game has already broken records in terms of Twitch viewership. Players all around the world were given the chance to get the Founder’s Pack, which provided early access to the game. Gamesight reported that as of Feb. 10, 2022, the game’s viewership on Twitch totals to 23.11 million hours watched, with an average viewership of 471.500 and a peak viewership of 1.280.000.

Vewership numbers for Lost Ark
Lost Ark has the second highest concurrent Twitch viewership ever. | Provided by Gamesight

The only game that has beaten Lost Ark at its peak viewership is VALORANT at release. It is also slightly ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s peak viewership numbers. According to Gamesight, Grand Theft Auto V, the most watched game on Twitch, has had 29.600.000 viewer hours in the past week. So at Lost Ark’s current pace, the game will surpass that number after its third day.

Lost Ark is being released in the west by Amazon Studios and is the second successful MMORPG release that the studio has had over the last few months. Amazon Studios was also responsible for New World, the player vs. player based MMORPG set on the supernatural island of Aeturnum. New World hit 1.000.000 peak viewers back in September during its release. Lost Ark has broken those peak viewership numbers by about 300.000.

It is important to remember that while MMORPGs typically start out very strong in terms of viewership, it really depends on how much players are willing to invest. New World has had a steady drop in its player base since its initial release date. According to Steamcharts, New World lost 60% of its player base a month after the release date. It will be interesting to see if Lost Ark can maintain its momentum for the next few months.

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