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While upgrading your tools and weapons is important, leveling up your village is the most important of all. If you’re not sure how to upgrade your village, or what you need to do, here’s the full LEGO Fortnite village upgrade list.

When you meet Cuddle Team Leader the first time you spawn into a world, one of the first things they will get you to do is place down a village square. From there, you can start to build out your community, with upgrades unlocking new rewards.

Table of Contents

LEGO Fortnite village upgrade list

Below is the full list of LEGO Fortnite village upgrades, along with their requirements and rewards.

Upgrade LevelResource RequirementsRewards
Level OneNo resources required, just place a village square.NPCs will start visiting your village.
One villager can now stay permanently.
Map Marker recipe unlocked.
Level Two15 Wood, 15 GraniteVillagers can now be hired to collect resources or go on adventures with you.
Level Three10 Planks, 20 GraniteVillagers will start giving you gifts.
An additional villager can now stay permanently
Level Four10 Knotroot, 15 Planks, 25 GraniteVillagers can now cook, find seeds, or grow crops on your farm.
Villagers can now be assigned to chop wood.
Level Five15 Knotroot, 20 Planks, 15 MarbleVillagers’ health and defense is improved.
An additional villager can now stay permanently.
Rare NPCs will visit your village.
Level Six20 Knotroot, 30 Granite SlabsVillagers can now find gems, make cloth from wool, and smelt metal ores.
Level Seven20 Knotroot Rods, 20 Marble SlabsVillagers will gift you new recipes.
Level Eight30 Marble Slabs, 10 Rough AmberAn additional villager can now stay permanently.
Level Nine15 Flexwood, 15 Obsidian, 10 Cut AmberVillagers can now gather resources from other biomes.
Level Ten15 Flexwood Rods, 30 Obsidian Slabs, 20 Cut AmberAn additional villager can now stay permanently.

How to upgrade your village in LEGO Fortnite

Upgrading your village in LEGO Fortnite is simple.

  1. Walk over to your village square
  2. Press the interact button that appears on the screen
  3. Select “Upgrade Village” from the options at the top of the menu
  4. Read the requirements needed to upgrade your village.
  5. If you meet them, press the “Upgrade” button at the bottom of the menu.
LEGO Fortnite's Upgrade Village screen, showing the resources required to upgrade the village to Level Four.
Each upgrade comes at a cost. Screenshot via Upcomer.

How to build a village square for the first time

If you haven’t built a village square yet, you’ll obviously need to do that before you can upgrade it.

  1. Build a campfire, crafting bench, and shack to unlock the village square blueprint.
  2. Collect 10 wood and 10 granite.
  3. Open your build menu.
  4. Select “Utilities.”
  5. Select the village square, and place it down.

Now that you know how to upgrade it, find out if you can move your village in LEGO Fortnite.