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A LEGO Battle Bus flying over the map.
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Every biome in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite's map is huge, full of different biomes.

LEGO Fortnite’s island is big and separated into different biomes. Each biome comes with its own unique advantages and rewards, but be warned, they also have their dangers too. Here are all the LEGO Fortnite biomes.

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At the time of writing, there are five different biomes in LEGO Fortnite, but more may be added as the developers continue to work on the game in the future.

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A LEGO Fortnite standing in the grasslands, with trees, bushes, and pumpkins.
The starter biome in LEGO Fortnite. Screenshot via Upcomer

If you’ve played LEGO Fortnite at all, you’ll be accustomed to the Grasslands, as that is where you spawn when you first start a match. Thankfully, it’s a nice place to start, as you’ll find granite and wood scattered across the ground to help you get started on your journey.

Once you’ve gathered materials off the ground, you’ll find an abundance of trees popping up, and plenty of big rocks ready to be smashed apart with your pickaxe. You’ll not go hungry either, as raspberries and pumpkins grow wildly, while animals like sheep, cows, and chickens can be seen running about.

It’s not totally safe though, as wolves and rollers will be prowling about, while skeletons will spawn in the dark. Grasslands are definitely the best place to start your village early on though, as anywhere else comes with challenges.

Dry Valleys

A LEGO Fortnite player standing on a mountain looking at a Dry Valley desert covered in rocks.
Things are heating up. Screenshot via Upcomer

Dry Valleys are a true test of your preparation, as they are extremely hot during the day, and can get really cold at night. You’ll also need to be prepared for a fight, as sand scorpions, sand wolves, and sand brutes are also roaming this area, and they’re more powerful here than anywhere else.

It’s somewhere you’ll need to be comfortable with though, as Flexwood can be found in abundance, which you can use to build upgraded structures and tools.


A LEGO Fortnite character standing on a mountain overlooking the snow Frostlands biome.
Wrap up warm. Screenshot via Upcomer

If you don’t like chilly weather or snow, then the Frostlands will not be your cup of tea. Unfortunately for you though, you’ll need to go here to get Frostpine, which you can use to make Frostpine Rods and upgrade your tools and weapons.

If you’re planning a trip to the Frostlands, make sure you have plenty of torches in your inventory, and it’s worth carrying enough wood to make a campfire just in case things get dire.

Just like the Dry Valley, the Frostlands also have powerful versions of existing mobs, with frost rollers, frost wolves, and frost brutes ready to wipe you out if they get a chance.


A LEGO Fortnite player standing in a Shore biome, with bushes and palm trees.
Keep an eye out for Brutes. Screenshot via Upcomer

Shores are the smallest of all the biomes, as they only spawn near water. That doesn’t mean they are safe, as brutes are ready and willing to slam you into the ground if you show up unprepared.

They are a cool location though, and the skeletons with pirate hats are fun to see until they start charging at you.


There are three types of caves in LEGO Fortnite: Regular Caves, Frostland Caves, and Lava Caves.

Regular Caves

A LEGO Fortnite character looking at marble on the wall of a cave.
Mine some marble and Knotroot Wood. Screenshot via Upcomer

These are the first caves you will encounter in LEGO Fortnite and are full of marble and Knotroot Wood, which are both extremely useful for upgrading your items.

Frostland Caves

A LEGO Fortnite character standing in a Frostland Cave, with icecles hanging from the roof.
Frostland Caves have iron inside them. Screenshot via Upcomer

Unsurprisingly, Frostland Caves can only be found in the Frostlands, but are well worth your time. They have resources like Iron and Sapphire which can be used to upgrade your tools, and even have chests inside filled with loot.

Lava Caves

A LEGO Fortnite character looking at a lava cave,
The floor is lava. Screenshot via Upcomer

Lava Caves are a little harder to find, as they don’t appear on your map until you enter them. The entrances are the same as regular caves though, so keep an eye out for big rock formations. Be prepared for the dangerous Blaster monsters, who drop Blast Cores when killed.