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Skull and Bones is an online-only title, meaning in order to play it, you need to be connected to the Internet. Putting aside the community’s thoughts on this decision from Ubisoft, being online all of the time means, at some point, Skull and Bones will go down.

No game’s servers can stay online 100% of the time, so whenever Skull and Bones goes down, you need to ensure you know how to check the current status of its servers. This allows you to narrow down whether the servers or your Internet connection are malfunctioning. To see all of the ways to check the server status of Skull and Bones, take a look at the guide below.

Checking the server status of Skull and Bones

The easiest way to see if the Skull and Bones servers aren’t functioning properly is by checking the official social media accounts for the game. The Skull and Bones X/Twitter account provides frequent updates throughout the day, so if the servers are down, there’s a good chance the account tweets out why and when you can expect them to be back up. You can also check the Ubisoft Support X/Twitter account, which posts updates on all Ubisoft titles.

If the social media accounts haven’t posted anything, then your next stop should be checking Down Detector, which takes community reports on dozens of online games. However, at the time of writing, there’s not a dedicated page for Skull and Bones on Down Detector, so your best bet is to check the Ubisoft Connect page on the site, which should be a good indicator if Ubisoft is experiencing trouble with its servers or not.

Finally, you can also join the official Discord server for Skull and Bones, which also posts updates for its members. The server is a great way to receive updates on the game itself and possibly meet some community members who want to set sail on the open sea with you.

If you’ve checked all of these destinations and there’s no update on the servers, then your Internet might to be blame. However, you could also be experiencing the server issues before anyone else. Just to be safe, though, you can soft reset your Internet modem/router and see if that fixes your issues. I also recommend calling your ISP if your Internet problems persist outside of being able to connect to Skull and Bones.