IESF vote to impose minor sanctions on Russian teams

IESF vote to impose minor sanctions on Russian teams

Russian athletes are allowed to participate without national affiliation

The International Esports Federation held an extraordinary general meeting on Monday to deliver a democratic decision regarding sanctions on Russia. The ruling body has voted to impose sanctions following the country’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

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The IESF is an international body that represents individual countries in esports. Each member country is represented by a delegate, and competitions in the organization mean teams are grouped together by nationality.

As a whole, while the member nations decided they are against any kind of war, they also chose not to impose sanctions on Russia. This will allow Russian athletes to participate in the 14th IESF World Esports Championships. However, Russian teams must follow specific rules in order to participate:

  • Athletes from Russia are temporarily suspended from participation in the international events and tournaments organized by the International Esports Federation under its country/NOC name or abbreviation.
  • Athletes from Russia will compete under “Team IESF.”
  • All national symbols are strictly prohibited.
  • The Russian flag is strictly prohibited.

IESF President Vlaid Marinecsu also reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to promoting peace and development throughout the world’s esports community.

“In order to reaffirm our support towards the Ukrainian esports Federation, IESF remains committed to supporting the athletes above all and providing all Ukrainian athletes with a direct slot and wildcards for the participation in the 14th WE Championships,” Marinescu said in a press release.

The 14th World Esports Championship, an event featuring several member nations competing under their flags, will take place in Bali, Indonesia from Dec. 1-14.

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