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There are numerous ways to make your character more powerful in Elden Ring. From simply leveling your character up to increasing your flask strength, you won’t stay a measly Tarnished for long. One of the best ways to become more powerful is to make your main weapon a means of mass destruction. To do this, you can upgrade the weapon at a smithing table in Elden Ring. This requires some Smithing Stones and Runes, but it’s worth it to see your weapon deal additional damage to enemies.

However, an issue players will run into is that the first smithing table they run into, located at Kale’s ruins, can only upgrade weapons to +3. After that level has been reached, the weapon can no longer be upgraded at that specific smithing table. Players might feel they’re out of luck with that weapon but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Below, see exactly how you can take your weapons past +3 in Elden Ring.

Upgrading weapons further in Elden Ring

In order to take your weapons to a new level, you’ll need to go to the Roundtable Hold. If you haven’t been there yet, keep progressing in the game and resting at Sites of Grace to trigger Melina asking you to attend. If you’ve already been and left, you can return to it by looking on your map and fast-traveling there.

Once at the Roundtable, look for the large Blacksmith who’s hammering away at a table inside one of the rooms. If you walk up and talk to him, he will make an offer for you to lay out arms. Here, select the option that says “strengthen armament” and you’ll find that you can upgrade any of your weapons. This includes those that are already at +3.

Upgrade weapons Elden Ring
A blacksmith will make an offer for you to lay out arms, and then you can upgrade your weapons. | Provided by FromSoftware

In order to do this, you will need the right Smithing Stone and the appropriate number of Runes. It’s not cheap to do but upgrading your weapon or shield is a worthwhile investment to take down Elden Ring’s many bosses.

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