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How to unlock Mastery in Last Epoch

You've got some grinding to do.

Last Epoch is a class-based ARPG that gives players extensive options when it comes to customizing their playstyles. A big part of this is picking the right mastery to complement these goals.

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Masteries are a subclass in Last Epoch that dictate what abilities your character will learn after the early portions of the campaign. This is the most important choice that players will make during their time in-game, but many might not be familiar with exactly when they get the chance to make it.

Unlocking Mastery in Last Epoch

How to unlock mastery
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You can unlock your class mastery after defeating The Husk of Elder Pannion early into the Last Epoch campaign. This should happen between levels 15 and 19, so you’ll need to put about two or three hours into the game before you reach this point.

The fight against The Husk of Elder Pannion will take place at the end of the Finding Pannion questline. Once you get this you will know that you’re on the right track to mastery. From here the process couldn’t be more simple.

After defeating the boss you’ll get a new quest called The Power of Mastery. This can be completed by speaking to the Forgotten Knight in the End of Time. Once you speak to them you will get XP, a passive point, and the ability to choose your mastery.

It’s important to remember that the choice you make here is permanent. That means the mastery you choose will remain exclusive to your character forever, so make sure you choose wisely. Your only option after this point will be to start a new character entirely.

That’s all you need to do so that you can unlock mastery and all-in-all it’s a quick easy experience that will only require you to battle through hordes of enemies for a couple of hours.

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