How to repair the mirror mechanism in Atomic Heart
Repair the mirror mechanism Atomic Heart
Provided by Mundfish

How to repair the mirror mechanism in Atomic Heart

You'll probably have to retrace your steps

There are few other games that present as many tough tasks to players as Atomic Heart does. Even the simplest of objectives can become difficult in Facility 3826, as the game offers little in the way of help. While your glove, Charles, will give you small amounts of advice, this usually isn’t enough for you to easily figure out what you need to do. One of the tougher roadblocks that players have faced in Atomic Heart is repairing the mirror mechanism in the quest “A Glass, Darkly.”

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This quest objective becomes available after you have successfully entered the facility, which was worth a guide in and of itself. Once you have entered the basement of the facility, you will be met with several magnetic puzzles that you need to figure out how to get through. While the puzzles aren’t too difficult themselves, some of them require you to solve another kind of puzzle before you’re allowed to move on to the next room.

Repair the mirror mechanism in Atomic Heart

Anytime you see a fully locked door in one of these puzzles or at the end of it, you need to solve a second puzzle. This second puzzle is always going to refer to the red and blue laser puzzles that you have solved previously, as seen below. These puzzles involve you turning dials so that you light up the lasers in the correct way. You are required to match the laser with the corresponding colors at the end of the puzzle.

Repair the mirror mechanism Atomic Heart
Provided by Mundfish

The first time you will need to repair the mirror mechanism, your character will ask Charles “where is the relay?” If you turn around from the door, there will be a laser puzzle on the ground. Just hit the interact button in the middle of the puzzle and the lasers will appear. Once you solve that one, head through the door to another magnetic puzzle.

This time, after you reach the door at the end, you will need to go back and retrace your steps. This is because the mirror mechanism this time is physically a part of the magnetic puzzle. You can find the puzzle on the back of one of the moving platforms on the lefthand side of the room (if you’re looking at it from the start of the room).

In the next magnetic puzzle, all you have to do is reach the door at the end and then look at the wall to your right once you get to the locked door. Another laser puzzle is waiting for you to solve. Once solved, the door will open, and you’ll be onto your last magnetic puzzle.

Finally, go through the last magnetic puzzle and reach the door at the end, just like before. Then, in the next room, the laser puzzle will be on the ground in front of the locked door. Complete it, open the door, and you will be able to finally repair the mirror mechanism in Atomic Heart.

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