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In the first few minutes of Elden Ring, you’ll be subjected to a tutorial boss fight with the Grafted Scion. The developers don’t intend for you to win this fight, as your health and damage aren’t nearly what they need to be for you to be victorious. If you lose, you’re transported to the Cave of Knowledge, where you will go through a more in-depth tutorial. After you’re done with the tutorial and are exploring the Lands Between, you can actually return to the Grafted Scion and start a rematch.

However, this can’t be done until you’re well into the game. More specifically, you need to be in northern Liurnia. Below, you can see what steps you need to take to rematch the Grafted Scion and earn some revenge.

Rematching the Grafted Scion in Elden Ring

In order to rematch the Grafted Scion, you need to make it to the Four Belfries location in northwest Liurnia. This is found northwest of the Academy, along the main road west of the lake. Once there, ascend to the tower at the top of the hill and open up the treasure chest to find an Imbued Sword Key.

Elden Ring Grafted Scion location
In order to rematch the Grafted Scion, you need to make it to the Four Belfries location in northwest Liurnia. | Provided by FromSoftware

The Imbued Sword Key is an important item that only opens up the portals at the three lower towers. If you want to rematch the Grafted Scion, you need to use this Imbued Sword Key at the second tower, which brings you to the Chapel of Anticipation. One of the portals that the keys open leads to a Somber Smithing Stone (6), so it’s worth finding the keys.

Grafted Scion fight Elden Ring
The Grafted Scion fight is a little easier the second time around. | Provided by FromSoftware

When you go through the second tower’s portal, you’ll arrive at the Chapel of Anticipation. If you cross the bridge ahead of you, you’ll enter the arena with the Grafted Scion. You then will have your rematch with the tutorial boss. If you manage to defeat it, you’ll receive the Ornamental Straight Sword and Golden Beast Crest Shield as a reward. You can also return to the church on the island and go up to the roof to find a special Spirit Ash summons, Stormhawk Deenh and another key item.

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