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Halo Infinite’s second weekend of the multiplayer technical preview will be available for everyone on Xbox regardless of their status as a Halo Insider.

The first weekend of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer technical preview was exclusive to a select few who signed up through the Halo Insider program ahead of time. The accounts were filled by players who were either on PC through Steam or on Xbox depending on their hardware. Now that the first weekend has concluded, Halo has revealed that the second weekend is available to anyone who has an Xbox without having to sign up for the Insider program.

“Xbox Spartans,” the official Halo account announced on Twitter. “Want to join in on this weekend’s (Oct. 1-3) #HaloInfinite Multiplayer Tech Preview? You can download the build via the Xbox Insider Hub starting right now! Halo Insider or not, you can join in on the action.”

How to download the technical preview on Xbox

If players are on Xbox and want in on the Halo excitement, they can download the technical preview now. Players will need to download the Xbox Insider Hub through the Microsoft Store on Xbox. Once downloaded they will be able to agree to the terms through the app and have access to all Xbox Insider information. To find the flight for Halo Infinite, players will have to go under “previews” and scroll down until they find the Halo Infinite Insider option.

When players select the Halo Infinite flight, they will have access to all the information complied with the technical preview, including when the servers will go live. Hit “join” and the app will take players to the Microsoft store again where they will have the option to install the flight. For more information on how to get in on the PC version of Halo Infinite and when the multiplayer servers will be live, check out our guide.