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Provided by: Iya Paterno

How to play as Ron Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy — character build guide

How to create a Ron Weasley character in Hogwarts: Legacy

Hogwarts: Legacy is set at a time long before Harry Potter’s arrival in the wizarding world, and the game doesn’t exactly give you only a limited set of playable characters to begin with. Instead, it features an extensive character customization screen where you can create any character you can imagine.

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You can mirror your character to your own self to fulfill your dreams to be immersed in the world of magic, or better yet, recreate the characters in the books and films you’ve always loved.

In this guide, we show you how to play as Ron Weasley in Hogwarts: Legacy.

How to play as Ron Weasley in Hogwarts: Legacy

Unlike any other game, playing as Ron Weasley is not as simple as selecting his character from a character selection screen before the actual gameplay begins. What you are given is an in-depth character customization feature, and fans quickly took advantage of it to totally own their gameplay.

In the game, you have total control over every facial feature or physical attribute that your character possesses. With this, you can bring the franchise’s famed characters back to life using its character customization feature, like the lovable ginger-haired protagonist, Ron Weasley.

Character build guide for Ron Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy character creator

Provided by: Iya Paterno

For Ron Weasley’s character build, you have to of course select any male character who bears the most resemblance to him as he was described in the books and as he was portrayed by Rupert Grint in the films. Then follow these settings:

  • Face Shape – Third option on the second row
  • Preset – Second option on the third row
  • Skin color – Move the slider to the leftmost portion to recreate his fair skin.
  • Glasses – Leave out this category as Ron does not wear glasses in both the canon and the films.
  • Hair color – Recreate the signature Weasley redhead and move the slider to the 16th spot.
  • Hair style – Third option on the second row
  • Complexion – Move the slider to the leftmost portion to stay true to Ron’s pale complexion.
  • Freckles and moles – Select the 2nd option to commit to Ron being a gingerhead. You may also leave out this portion to stay closer to Rupert Grint’s appearance as Ron in the films.
  • Scars and markings – Do not do anything in this section, as Ron does not have any scars.
  • Eye color – Choose the 12th spot in the slider for Ron’s blue eyes.
  • Eyebrow color – Move the slider to the 18th position.
  • Eyebrow shape – Pick the 4th option on the first row

Finalize your character build for Ron Weasley by recreating his voice. As the character base takes after a younger version of Ron as compared to how he looked like in the last three films, pick the first voice tone, and then drag the slider to the rightmost portion for the pitch.

You can then sort him out to Gryffindor for the most accuracy, or pick a different house to change his fate if you so desire. We also have other character build guides for you if you need to quickly recreate either of Ron’s best friends: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

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