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As with most MMORPGs in the modern era, Lost Ark is best played with a group of friends and other players. The world of Arkesia can get pretty challenging and it always helps to have a group with you to complete dungeons, defeat bosses and gather loot. In Lost Ark, you can join a guild with ease but you can also leave a guild if it’s not for you. Some players have been finding this process difficult so far, though.

There are some mechanics in Lost Ark that western players are having a hard time understanding. At the forefront of this is the mouse controls, which can be altered by the player with some menu navigating. However, joining and leaving a guild is also high up on that list. Most players will want to join a guild at some point and they can find out how to do so below.

Joining a guild in Lost Ark

In order to meet the requirements of joining a guild, you need to reach the town of Prideholme. This is the first major area of the game and also where you unlock your first mount in Lost Ark. Once you’ve reached the town, you’ll notice that a new button will be flashing at the bottom right of your screen. This button is called “Community” and pressing it allows you to see the most popular guilds in the world. You can also search for a specific guild using the name, description, etc.

To join a guild, simply select the “Request” button by hovering over the specific guild. There are also guilds with automatic admittance or a password, so you don’t need to request access. Once you’re in a guild, you can see everything it has to offer, including its member list and chat logs.

Leaving a guild in Lost Ark

If you find the guild you’re currently in to not meet your standards, you can leave it quite easily. Open up the chat box in Lost Ark and type the “/guildleave” command. This will trigger a pop-up window to appear, double-checking that you mean to leave your current guild. Simply click “Accept” and you’ll be a free person.

If joining someone else’s guild is not your cup of tea, Lost Ark has a fairly simple system for creating your own guild.

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