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One of the new, exciting features in Elden Ring that separates the game from previous FromSoftware titles is the ability to mount and ride a horse. This makes traversing the vast lands much simpler and also provides a new combat strategy to take down enemies and even some bosses.

However, the horse, whose name is Torrent, isn’t given to players automatically in Elden Ring. Instead, they’ll need to do some work in the game before they can acquire their noble steed.

The horse in Elden Ring is quite useful and can be equipped at any time outside of boss battles. It allows you to dip out of a fight quickly if it’s not going your way and attack enemies with one swoop. Also, it cuts down travel time between the regions tremendously, making Torrent one of the most valuable aspects in Elden Ring.

Getting Torrent the Horse in Elden Ring

The only requirement to acquire Torrent is to visit three Lost Grace sites. These are the sites with a floating flame that allow you to allocate flask charges, level up and store items in your chest, among other things. You can also rest here and it acts as a save/respawn point. Lost Grace sites are quite valuable to find in Elden Ring.

To receive Torrent, you need to find three of them. This will require some traversal of the world, but not too much. Once you’re at your third site, a woman named Melina will appear and offer to be your maiden throughout the game. This is essential in your quest to acquire the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Melina gives Torrent the Horse
Melina appears at your third Lost Grace site and offers to be your maiden. In return, you get Torrent as a mount. | Provided by FromSoftware

In return for your agreement, Melina will give you a ring that summons Torrent at any time. To equip the ring, go into your “Equipment” tab from the menu and equip the ring in the items armament hot bar, located at the bottom of the screen. This will be with your Crimson and Cerulean Tears along.

To cycle through your potions and the ring, just press your keybind that rotates the item armaments. Once the ring appears on the bottom-left, press your “use item” keybind and you will start riding Torrent. To speed it up, just press and hold your dodge keybind. Now, you can ride throughout the valley and forests with a trusty steed at your side.

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