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In the early part of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the Lazarus brass knuckles are at the center of the story. They were the infamous weapon of choice for Peacekeeper Commander Lucas, who was killed and had the Lazarus weapon taken his body. This led to the climax of the early part of the story in Dying Light 2. However, after all that has unfolded, there’s still a way for you to acquire the Lazarus.

The only way to acquire the weapon is by making the right choices earlier in the story. One key quest plays a vital role in determining whether you have a chance to add the weapon to your inventory. Below, you can see exactly what to do in previous quests in order to receive the Lazarus brass knuckles in Dying Light 2.

Getting the Lazarus in Dying Light 2

Lazarus Dying Light 2 Stay Human
The Lazarus has some impressive stats in Dying Light 2. | Provided by Techland

To start, you will need to make it to the point in the story where you’re on the Peacekeeper ship in the Central Loop. Once you’re here, keep going through quests and dialogue until Aitor is brought in with life-threatening wounds. You have the choice to go see Aitor after he’s brought into the hospital. The doctor, by his side, will advise you there’s a way to save him with some special herbs.

After you go out and acquire these herbs, you need to give Aitor the small petals. This saves his life and allows you to get the Lazarus later on. Even if you sided with the Survivors in Old Villedor, saving Aitor’s life doesn’t play a role in the story.

A few days after saving Aitor, go to the Canteen in the Fish Eye. At the back corner of the bar, you’ll find Aitor with his son. Talk with Aitor and you’ll discover he went after Waltz, against the advice of his wife. Aitor will tell you he and his wife have split but he will also give you the Lazarus.

Aitor gives the Lazarus in Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Aitor will give you the Lazarus. | Provided by Techland

The Lazarus ended up in Aitor’s possession but he doesn’t have a need for it anymore. The Lazarus is an Artifact Knuckleduster weapon that has 70 damage and 210 durability. It doesn’t have any mod slots, so be careful to not overuse it. There’s no way to repair it. However, you now have a powerful two-handed weapon at your disposal in Dying Light 2.

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