How to get the Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Dragonscale Blade
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How to get the Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring

Earn yourself one of the better swords in Elden Ring

There are some weapons in Elden Ring you simply have to try out, regardless of whether you’re a melee or ranged character. These weapons often come with a unique and powerful Ash of War equipped and deal serious damage. They also usually look like a weapon of true power, whether that be in size or sleekness. The Dragonscale Blade is one such weapon in Elden Ring.

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The Dragonscale Blade is in the katana class, meaning it’s more tailored for Dexterity and Strength characters, and it scales with both of those attributes. What makes this katana so unique and desirable is its Ash of War, which is called Ice Lightning Sword. This turns the blade into a frigid nightmare for any enemy you come across in the Lands Between.

In order to acquire the Dragonscale Blade, you must progress Ranni the Witch’s questline all the way to Nokstella, the Eternal City. It’s near Nokstella, in the Lake of Rot to be specific, that you can find the boss that drops the Dragonscale Blade as a reward.

Getting the Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring

To get to the Lake of Rot, you can go to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace. From here, head south down the small river until you reach the red, Scarlet Rot-infested lake. The Lake of Rot will trigger your Scarlet Rot meter immediately, so you want to come prepared with at least 10 Preserving Boluses.

Use those and get to the platforms in the lake to produce more safety spots where the lake can’t touch you. You can also pick up some high-tier Somber Smithing Stones along the way, as well.

Elden Ring Dragonscale Blade
The boss that drops the Dragonscale Blade in the Lake of Rot. | Provided by FromSoftware

The boss you’re looking for in the lake is known as the Dragonkin Soldier, and it’s located at the southwestern corner of the lake. To have a prayer of surviving the fight, you need to step on the pillar to the left of the boss. This will produce four platforms that surround the boss, allowing you places to go to avoid the Scarlet Rot.

Once you have the platforms raised, we recommend standing on the largest one to give yourself the most room to work with. You can summon a Spirit Ash, such as the Mimic Tear, for this fight, which we also recommend. The Dragonkin Soldier is extremely aggressive and can flatten you if you get too close. Having something like the Mimic Tear to distract the boss while you deal damage from the side or behind is the best strategy. If you’re a mage, stand as far back as possible and cast spells while your summons does the grunt work.

Elden Ring Dragonscale Blade
The Dragonscale Blade being earned after defeating the boss. | Provided by FromSoftware

If you manage to take down the Dragonkin Soldier, you’ll be rewarded with 58,000 Runes and the Dragonscale Blade. This katana requires 12 Strength and 20 Dexterity to use, which should be no problem for a melee character. It requires Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade, which you can find all around the Lake of Rot.

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