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If you’ve managed to at least face Starscourge Radahn, one of the demigods in Elden Ring, then you’ve no doubt seen his extremely powerful bow. It’s difficult to overcome the volley of attacks he throws your way, but if you manage to defeat Radahn, you can actually own the bow he utilizes in the battle.

In order to wield the giant bow that Radahn uses, you will need to complete a series of steps. If you’ve defeated previous demigods, then this process will be familiar to you. However, there’s one step that some players might overlook when trying to obtain the weapons of the Elden Ring demigods.

Getting Radahn’s bow in Elden Ring

Once you defeat Radahn, you will acquire his Remembrance. We’ve gone over what to do with Remembrances in Elden Ring before, but essentially you turn them into Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold. She’s found next to the Two Fingers in the room behind you when you first spawn into the area.

Elden Ring Radahn
The boss battle against Starscourge Radahn. | Provided by FromSoftware

Talking to her allows you to turn in any Remembrance you have and trade it for one of two weapons. These weapons are specific to the demigod you defeated. With Radahn, you have the option of selecting his blade or his bow. While it seems like you have to choose, you can actually acquire both by visiting a walking mausoleum, heading inside and duplicating the Remembrance. This allows you to acquire both of the weapons.

Either way, this is how you can wield Radahn’s bow in Elden Ring. It comes with an Ash of War, which lets you rain down several arrows from the sky onto enemies. It also only takes Greatarrows, which deal tremendous damage in Elden Ring. However, these arrows take a long time to fire and can’t be used on horseback.

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