How to get more Talisman Slots in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Talisman Slots
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How to get more Talisman Slots in Elden Ring

Increase your wielded Talismans

A Talisman is an item in Elden Ring that can drastically change your play style and how you go about fighting enemies. They’re found all over the map, and there are some for all classes to wield. However, at the start of the game, you only have access to one Talisman Slot in Elden Ring. This severely hampers your ability to make use of all of the Talismans you find in the Lands Between. Luckily, there are ways to acquire more Talisman Slots.

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A Talisman Slot is exactly what it sounds like. It simply gives you an extra slot to equip an additional Talisman on your character. In order to start increasing the number of Talismans you can equip, keep reading below.

Getting more Talisman Slots in Elden Ring

Additional Talisman Slots are given to you in the form of Talisman Pouches. This isn’t an item you have to equip, similar to Memory Stones, but once you get one, you will see you’re able to equip another Talisman you couldn’t before.

Talisman Slot Elden Ring
The Talisman Slot is earned after defeating Margit in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

If you think you can just go around the map and find a pouch lying in a treasure chest, you might want to think again. In order to earn a Talisman Pouch, you need to defeat three Elden Ring bosses:

  • Margit, The Fell Omen
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord

There are only three Talisman Pouches you can earn in Elden Ring. Each of them is unlocked by defeating one of the above bosses. To make matters worse, they’re all separated fairly far from each other. So you won’t be able to access all three of them within quick succession. However, when you do defeat one, you’ll be given another Talisman Slot to help you defeat the next boss in Elden Ring.

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