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If you’re a mage or just like to tinker with some Sorcery and Incantations, then you will need more Memory Slots in Elden Ring. As the first armament slot that you can fill, Memory Slots house any spells you have memorized in Elden Ring — but the game only starts you out with two slots. If you want to choose between a number of spells in the heat of battle, you’ll absolutely need more.

However, Memory Slots are not purchasable like weapon upgrades. Instead, you need to find a specific item in Elden Ring in order to increase the number of spells you can pick from. That item is called a Memory Stone, and they’re in short supply throughout the Lands Between. However, here are several locations where you can find one.

Getting more Memory Slots in Elden Ring

In order to earn Memory Stones, you will need to do some groundwork in Elden Ring. They’re spread across the different regions of the game and none are particularly easy to acquire, unlike a Golden Seed, for example.

Memory Slot Elden Ring
A Memory Stone being earned in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

Below, you can see where exactly to find Memory Stones in Elden Ring so you can increase your Memory Slots.

  1. Enia the Finger Reader — Purchasable for 3,000 Runes at the Roundtable Hold
  2. Red Wolf of Radagon — Defeat this boss at the Academy of Raya Lucaria
  3. Demi-Human Maggie — Defeat this boss at Mt. Gelmir, in Hermit Village
  4. Converted Tower — Climb to the top of the tower
  5. Testu’s Rise — Complete the challenge to enter the tower and climb to the top
  6. Lenne’s Rise — Located in a tower in Dragonbarrow, Caelid
  7. Seluvis’s Rise — Defeat the Caria Manor boss, Royal Knight Loretta, located in the Three Sisters region of Liurnia
  8. Oridys’s Rise — At the top of the tower, located east of the Morne Rampart Site of Grace in Weeping Peninsula. You must complete a challenge, killing three ghost turtles, before you can access the tower.

Those are all of the Memory Stones we know of in Elden Ring. Unlocking all of these will step your sorcery game up to the next level. You can select the spells you want to have available from the Site of Grace menu.

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