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With an ever-expanding roster of iconic Warner Bros. characters, the playable cast of MultiVersus is one of the game’s biggest draws. Undoubtedly, many fans are eager to unlock every available character in the game as quickly as possible.

While there are a handful of options players can consider when trying to unlock characters, one particular option is a bit harder to come across than the others. Here’s how players can obtain and use the elusive character tickets in MultiVersus.

What are MultiVersus character tickets?

As the name suggests, character tickets are a type of currency that players can use to unlock characters in MultiVersus. The other two currencies are Gold, which players receive simply by playing the game, and Gleamium, which players have to spend real-world money to acquire.

One character ticket can be used to instantly unlock a single character. A character ticket is most useful for obtaining an Expert character, since these fighters cost 3,000 Gold to unlock, as opposed to the 2,000 Gold that standard fighters cost. In this way, character tickets are like Gleamium in that they level the playing field when it comes to unlocking all of the characters in the game.

The Standard Edition of the Founder's Pack.
Each level of the Founder’s Pack provides a different number of character tickets. | Provided by Player First Games

Character tickets are undoubtedly the hardest of the three currencies to come by in MultiVersus. Currently, the only way to obtain this item is through the Founder’s Pack. The Founder’s Pack has three different levels, each of which comes with a different amount of character tickets.

For $39.99, players can get the Standard Edition and receive 15 character tickets. That’s enough to cover almost every character that’s currently available in the game as of the beginning of Season 1. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition of the Founder’s Pack is available for $59.99. It comes with 20 character tickets. This covers every character that’s currently available, plus a few others that are coming in Season 1.

Finally, the Premium Edition of the Founder’s Pack provides 30 character tickets for a cost of $99.99. While leaks suggest the MultiVersus roster will eventually exceed 30 playable characters, the Premium Edition will at least allow players to quickly unlock a large number of current and upcoming characters. Then, they can save up Gold to spend on additional characters as they come out.

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