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While MultiVersus players can easily unlock Gold simply by playing the game, another form of in-game currency is not so easy to come by. Gleamium is the most valuable currency available in MultiVersus. As a result, players will have to go out of their way a bit to obtain it.

Nevertheless, the big benefits that come with the currency may make it worth the sacrifice for many competitors. Here’s everything players need to know about how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus and what its uses are.

How to get Gleamium in MultiVersus

The rewards available in the Premium Founder's Pack
Each level of the Founder’s Pack offers a different amount of Gleamium. | Provided by Player First Games

To obtain Gleamium, players should head to the left-hand tab on the main menu. There, they can click the Gleamium icon, located just below the Gold icon. This opens up a menu where players can unlock different-sized bundles of this in-game currency. While players only unlock Gold by putting time into the game, they can only get Gleamium by spending real-world money.

Currently, Gleamium bundles are available at the following prices:

  • $4.99 for 450 Gleamium
  • $9.99 for 1,000 Gleamium
  • $19.99 for 2,200 Gleamium
  • $49.99 for 6,000 Gleamium

In addition, Gleamium is available, among other rewards, in the MultiVersus Founder’s Pack. Players can get 300 Gleamium from the $39.99 Standard Edition, 1,000 Gleamium from the $59.99 Deluxe Edition or 2,500 Gleamium from the $99.99 Premium Edition.

What to spend it on

MultiVersus premium battle pass purchase screen
Players can double the number of available rewards by purchasing premium battle passes. | Provided by Player First Games

After spending money to acquire a batch of Gleamium, MultiVersus players can then obtain a variety of in-game rewards. With 700 Gleamium, players can unlock any character in the game in the Collection menu. Since Expert characters require an extra 1,000 Gold compared to other fighters, Gleamium can help level the playing field when it comes to unlocking these difficult-to-use fighters.

The Collection menu also provides players access to unique ringout animations, banners and announcer packs that they can only obtain by spending Gleamium. Meanwhile, clicking any fighter on the character select screen will open up the option to buy a special Variant using Gleamium.

Finally, players can use Gleamium to unlock the premium version of each battle pass. Then, they will be able to unlock a whole new array of previously unavailable awards as they play the game and level up.

However, in order to maintain the integrity of online competition, players cannot use Gleamium to level up characters or purchase perks. Instead, they will have to spend time playing the game to improve their characters’ abilities. This ensures that no one can pay to instantly obtain the best possible version of each character.

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