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As Ash Ketchum continues to fight his way through the Masters Tournament in the “Pokémon Journeys: The Series” anime, Pokémon Sword and Shield players continue to have the opportunity to use Ash’s Pokémon in their own battles, including Ash’s Sirfetch’d.

Following a standout performance in Friday’s episode of the anime, Ash’s Sirfetch’d has become the latest gift Pokémon to become available through this event distribution. Here’s everything trainers need to know in order to get this Galarian Fighting-type for themselves.

How to get Ash’s Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Ash’s Sirfetch’d is available through Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Mystery Gift function. To access it, players must head to the “Mystery Gift” section of the main menu, then click “Get a Mystery Gift,” followed by “Get with Code/Password.”

From there, players must make sure they have connected their Nintendo Switch to the internet. Then, they can enter the following code: H1SS ATSU NEG1. Like other distributions in this promotion, players will have about two weeks to take advantage of this code before it expires Sept. 22.

What to know about the Sirfetch’d

Ash’s Sirfetch’d comes at level 80 and knows four moves in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The most powerful of these is its 150 base power signature move, Meteor Assault. It also has mediocre coverage moves in the form of Fury Cutter and Brutal Swing, plus the defensive move Detect.

While its moveset isn’t the greatest, the Sirfetch’d does come with the Leek item, which increases its critical hit chances. In addition, it has the Brave Nature. This makes its naturally-high Attack stat even higher and makes its naturally-low Speed stat even lower. However, its low Speed can be offset by its Steadfast Ability, which grants it a Speed boost every time it flinches.

This marks the fourth entry of this promotion, following Ash’s Dracovish, Dragonite and Gengar. The anime crossover will enter its final distribution period next week when The Pokémon Company reveals the Mystery Gift code for Ash’s Lucario.

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