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Hogwarts Legacy is home to a plethora of different fauna, most of which players can use to their advantage. Whether you’re brewing a new potion or growing a new herb, you’ll need many of the resources you end up coming across in one way or the other. However, some players have run into challenges when trying to grow their own herbs. Either in Herbology class or the Room of Requirement, players have noticed that the default potting table has a small pot, and some herbs call for a large pot in Hogwarts Legacy.

Luckily, there’s a simple and easy way to go about acquiring and using a large pot potting table. For more details, keep reading the guide below.

Getting a large pot in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can’t buy a large or small pot on its own. You have to purchase the potting table spellcraft that comes with either sized pot. Your first trip to Hogsmeade will see you acquire the spellcraft for a small potting table, which can be purchased at the Tomes and Scrolls shop. If you want to buy a large pot potting table spellcraft, or a medium one for that matter, simply head back over to this shop, talk to the owner, and purchase it for 1,000 gold.

Now, you can head back to Hogwarts and enter the Room of Requirement. Here, you can now conjure a potting table with a large pot and place it inside the room. The large pot is required for certain herbs like Fluxweed Seed, so it’s quite valuable to have somewhere in the Room of Requirement.

If you’re struggling to find space for certain structures in your Room of Requirement, don’t worry, as more space is opened up for you as progress in Hogwarts Legacy. I recommend placing everything you can fit in your starting space and then moving things around as more areas become available. The extra space is tied to story progression, so keep completing main quests to unlock more room in the Room of Requirement.

If you’re curious as to exactly when you unlock the Room of Requirement or how to make enough gold to purchase the large pot potting table, read my previous guides.