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Batman Day will take place on Saturday, as fans all over the world celebrate DC Comics’ iconic Caped Crusader. Players will even be able to celebrate with a special in-game promotion in the Warner Bros. crossover platform fighter, MultiVersus.

Since Batman is one of the most iconic playable characters in MultiVersus, it is no surprise that the developers at Player First Games would put together an in-game celebration just for him. Here’s how players can secure a profile icon in MultiVersus in honor of Batman Day.

How to get a Batman Day profile icon in MultiVersus

While Batman Day itself is only a single day, the promotion in MultiVersus will last for an entire weekend. From Friday through Monday, players can unlock a Batman icon to sport on their profiles by playing a certain number of matches as Batman.

Last week, Batman News leaked that players would have to play out 20 matches as Batman in order to get the limited-time profile icon. However, that number has since dropped. Warner Bros. Games confirmed on Friday that players will only need to play three matches as Batman to earn their icon.

Matches will count toward this promotion regardless of whether the player wins. As a result, a single best-of-three set that goes the distance is enough to earn the icon. In addition, Batman joined the free character rotation earlier this week, meaning players won’t have to worry about parting with Gold or Gleamium to unlock him for this promotion.

How to claim the reward

All players who play three matches as Batman will receive an email with a download code that they can use to obtain their Batman Day profile icon in MultiVersus. Eligible players can expect to receive their emails sometime next week.

Afterward, players must head to the MultiVersus website and sign into their Warner Bros. Games account. Then, they will be able to input a download code. Typing in the code they received via email will allow players to redeem their Batman Day reward.

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