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MultiVersus launched on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, giving gamers from a wide array of backgrounds easy access to the crossover platform fighter. In addition, leaks have suggested that Nintendo Switch and mobile ports could be on the way.

Since the game is free-to-play, players could easily choose to download it on many different platforms. However, such players should keep in mind whether unlockables they receive on one platform will transfer over to other platforms. Here’s everything to know about how cross-progression works in MultiVersus.

Does MultiVersus have cross-progression?

For the most part, MultiVersus does support cross-progression. Players can unlock many different things over the course of playing the game, including characters, cosmetics, in-game currency and more. In addition, players can raise the level of individual characters and raise their overall level over time by playing the game.

Any progress made toward these things will carry over from one platform to another. This is because a player’s MultiVersus account is linked to their Warner Bros. Games account rather than the specific console on which they are playing. As a result, all of the data from their game is saved to the cloud. That data will then readily apply to any version of the game they have linked to their Warner Bros. Games account.

The lone exception

While MultiVersus has cross-progression enabled for almost every aspect of the game, there is one notable exception. If a player uses real-world money to obtain in-game Gleamium, that Gleamium is only usable on the platform the player purchased it for.

However, if a player uses Gleamium to purchase a Variant or some other in-game item, that item will then be available on other platforms linked to their Warner Bros. Games account. As a result, players need to keep in mind which platforms they have Gleamium available on. If they do so, they should otherwise be able to fully enjoy the benefits of cross-progression in MultiVersus.

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