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The MultiVersus bracket at Evo 2022 is underway, and with it the chance to unlock exclusive in-game items. As attendees compete for the lion’s share of a $100,000 prize pool, viewers at home can get their own set of rewards.

Regardless of whether they watched any of the Evo livestreams or not, any MultiVersus player can get a hold of these special collectibles with the right information. Here’s everything MultiVersus players need to know about obtaining exclusive items based around Evo 2022.

How to unlock exclusive Evo-themed items in MultiVersus

To claim the exclusive Evo-themed items, players must head to either multiversus.com/redeem or go.wbgames.com/MVSEvo; both links will redirect to the same page. The user must be logged into their Warner Bros. Games account to claim their rewards. In addition, they need to have MultiVersus already downloaded and must have signed into the game at least one time.

If the player has already logged in to their Warner Bros. Games account, then going to either of the above URLs will take them to a page where they can enter a promotional code. From there, they must type in the code EVO2022. Afterward, the special unlockables will be linked to their account and will show up in game as soon as they are available.

What items to expect and when

MultiVersus players can look forward to two exclusive items in celebration of Evo 2022. One is a profile icon featuring the Evo logo and silhouetted versions of the base MultiVersus roster. The other is a more colorful banner, similarly featuring character silhouettes and the Evo emblem in the background.

While players can go ahead and claim these rewards, they are not yet available in MultiVersus. Instead, they will appear in players’ inventories as soon as Season 1 of MultiVersus begins. Player First Games has not yet confirmed the release date — they recently delayed the beginning of Season 1. Nevertheless, fans can look forward to new items, along with the launch of Morty, as soon as the season does begin.

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