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Halo Infinite is just about to wrap up its second technical preview after two successful weekends of multiplayer gameplay. Though fans are still having fun with the mode, they have seen a slew of issues pop up. Putting the onslaught of bugs aside, players are also running into an issue where they’re seemingly banned for no reason. This issue presents players with an error message, which simply states the ‘user is banned’ and leaves players unable to play Halo Infinite.

Despite the issues, fans seem to be quite enjoying the experience of multiplayer in their limited playtime. While 343 Industries had to delay the title to December, it seems that was the right decision. The developers have a flurry of tasks to work on, including fixing the user is banned issue. For players looking at a way to fix this problem right now, they might be disappointed.

Can the User is Banned error be fixed in Halo Infinite?

At the time of writing, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of concrete fix for this issue in Halo Infinite. The problem seems to be popping up after multiple failed attempts to find a match or after the game crashes altogether. For whatever reason, the game thinks the player was kicked out of a match or the game itself due to a bannable offense.

This leads to the player receiving the User is Banned message and not being able to login Halo Infinite multiplayer. The only solution to this issue is for players to wait for the ban to pass. The ban itself is actually a suspension from multiplayer, so players have to wait a predetermined amount of time to play again.

The most common time players have had to wait is 30 minutes to an hour. After that, users have reported being able to access matchmaking again.

Luckily for fans, this is exactly why Halo Infinite was delayed and held these technical previews. This gives 343 Industries time to fix problems like this one in time for launch on Dec. 8.