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Sorcery as a combat method is extremely busted in Elden Ring, as the spells you can cast with a staff easily defeat most bosses in the Lands Between. Of course, there are some spells you should be using over others. In the first few weeks of Elden Ring, Rock Sling has emerged as the main spell mages are using above everything else.

Rock Sling is a spell that shoots three huge rocks at the target enemy. The rocks can even change course if the enemy moves, making the spell even more powerful. As long as you put your Attribute points into Mind and Intelligence, you’ll be using Rock Sling to great effect.

But before you can dominate enemies with Rock Sling, you need to know where you can find it on the map. Below, learn the location of the Rock Sling spell.

Rock Sling’s location in Elden Ring

To find Rock Sling, you’ll need to head into the region of Caelid. Once in Caelid, you will need to go to the Street of Sages Ruins, located in the middle of the region. The ruins are found in the dark mass on the map, south of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and northwest of Redmane Castle.

At the ruins, you’ll find Poison Flowers and some rot enemies. You can defeat those enemies if you want, but you’re mainly looking for a set of stairs heading underground. These stairs can be accessed on the western side of the ruins.

At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find a treasure chest which contains the Rock Sling spell. If you want a staff to go along with your newfound spell, you can head back up the stairs and go south. Here, you’ll find more ruins with Poison Flowers. Amid all of the flowers, you can find the Meteorite Staff on a corpse hanging out of a window.

Rock Sling requires 18 Intelligence to use while the Meteorite Staff requires the same. The staff can scale to “S” tier in Intelligence, making it one of the best options available in Elden Ring.

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