How to find and catch Warsect in Palworld
How to find and catch Warsect in Palworld
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How to find and catch Warsect in Palworld

A strong mid-game Pal

Warsect is among the more intimidating Pals in all of Palworld. The Ground and Grass-type beetle is a massive Pal that can deal a ton of damage with its high attack stat. However, Warsect has proved elusive to some players who have wanted to get it on their team in Palworld.

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Fortunately, Warsect can be caught in the wild in one of a couple of different ways. For starters, Warsect has an Alpha form on the map and also spawns in a specific location. To see where you can find and catch Warsect in Palworld, check out my guide below.

Finding Warsect in Palworld and how to catch it

First off, let’s start with the Alpha form of Warsect, as it’s a guaranteed encounter for players who simply want the Pal in their party quickly. Alpha Warsect is located on the eastern side of the map directly north of the Rayne Syndicate Tower. You can see the Alpha’s exact location in the map screenshot below:

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Alpha Warsect is level 30 and has quite a lot of HP, so you’ll need to ensure you come prepared for the fight. It’s also right near the Gobfin’s Nest waypoint, which features dozens of aggressive Gobfin that can massacre your entire team if you’re not careful.

Since Warsect is a Ground and Grass-type, you’ll want to mainly use Fire-type attacks against it while avoiding the use of Grass and Electric-types. Fire-type attacks should make the fight with Alpha Warsect rather easy and once you get its HP down to below 500, you can start throwing spheres at it. I recommend using Hyper Spheres for the best capture rate, but Giga Spheres will work as well.

If you want to catch a wild Warsect and not its Alpha form, you’ll have to travel to the Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2 in Palworld. This is located on the western side of the map to the north of the volcano region. This is the only location where wild Warsect can spawn.

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However, it’s only by random chance that Warsect spawns here when you arrive, as there are several other Pals that could be there in its place. Wild Warsect are found at roughly level 40 at the sanctuary, so make sure you’re at the right level before venturing out there.

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