How to find Amelia's Room key in Redfall
Amelia's Room key Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

How to find Amelia’s Room key in Redfall

Some dark secrets await you within

Eventually, during the main story of Redfall, you will make your way to Dr. Addison’s mansion. Dr. Addison was a scientist at Aevum and has been revealed to be the Hollow Man, the vampire that is terrorizing the town. At the mansion, you will come across several different rooms, with a few of them being locked. One of those locked rooms is Amelia’s Room, and you need her key in order to open it in Redfall.

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Amelia is Dr. Addison’s daughter, and her story is told through some of the objects and letters within the mansion. While you still have yet to see Amelia’s full story, you need to reach her bedroom before you get any real answers about what really happened between her and Dr. Addison. If you want to locate Amelia’s Room key in Redfall, then check out our guide below.

Finding Amelia’s Room key in Redfall

In order to loot Amelia’s Room key, you first need to find the three missing dolls inside the mansion. This is the first part of the quest that sends you to the mansion. The dolls are located all over the mansion grounds, and one of them requires you to loot the Loft key, which opens up another door in the house.

Once you have found all three of the missing dolls, you will trigger a new objective, which is to search Addison’s Lab. Dr. Addison’s lab is the area of the mansion that is smashed up and floating in space. Place the three dolls near the desk in the back of the lab, and, after a short cinematic plays, Amelia’s Room key will appear on the desk for you to take.

Amelia's Room key Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Grab the key, head up to the second floor where Amelia’s Room is, enter the room, and you will be able to continue on with the quest at the mansion in Redfall.

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