How to earn Twitch Drops during the 2022 ALGS Championship
The available rewards during the ALGS Championship Twitch Drops.
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How to earn Twitch Drops during the 2022 ALGS Championship

Rewards available for viewers who have linked their Twitch and EA accounts

The Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship will take place this weekend, as 40 teams from five regions compete for the lion’s share of a $2 million prize pool. To celebrate the tournament, fans can purchase team-branded in-game cosmetics through the ALGS Team Shop for the next two weeks.

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However, viewers can also receive in-game collectibles for free just by watching the event on the official ALGS Twitch channel. Here’s everything to know about this year’s ALGS Championship Twitch drops, including how to earn them and what rewards are available.

How to earn Twitch Drops during the ALGS Championship

In order to receive ALGS Championship Twitch Drops, viewers must make sure that they have connected their Twitch and Electronic Arts accounts. If the viewers already linked these accounts for a previous ALGS broadcast, then they don’t need to take any further steps.

Otherwise, viewers should make sure their platform account is linked to their EA account. From there, viewers can connect their EA account to the Twitch account they will be using to watch the tournament.

Once viewers have completed these steps, they only need to watch the ALGS Year 2 Championship for set amounts of time in order to earn Twitch Drops. Then, players can check their Twitch Drops inventory in order to claim the rewards they’ve earned.

Available rewards

Apex Legends players will have the opportunity to acquire four in-game collectibles through the ALGS Championship Twitch Drops this week. Here are the available items and how long viewers need to watch the ALGS Twitch channel to obtain them:

  • 15 cumulative minutes – Rare “ALGS-Glitched” Holospray
  • One cumulative hour – Rare “Digital Jammer” Devotion skin
  • Two cumulative hours – Rare “Amethyst Assassin” Revenant skin
  • Three cumulative hours – Epic “Lowkey Flex” Gun Charm

Viewers will be checked for each of these earning thresholds on Day 4 of the ALGS Year 2 Championship. While not directly related to the Championship, there is also a new community-created Twitch Drop that will unlock an in-game loading screen. Viewers can watch a number of Apex Legends streamers this week in order to receive this reward.

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