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Across Villedor, you’ll likely run into GRE Anamolies, which are locations that can only be truly accessed at night. The Anomalies allow you to access a crate with Inhibitors, along with other rare items. However, to get to those items, you will need to take a Revenant, one of the tougher opponents in Dying Light 2.

Revenants are a stronger version of Infected. They have the ability to move at a lightning-fast speed, hit you with a fireball and deal a ton of damage, especially on harder difficulty levels. They also only come out at night, making them tougher to see. For a full run-down on how to defeat Revenants, keep reading below.

Defeating Revenants in Dying Light 2

To encounter a Revenant, you need to find a GRE Anomaly site at night. Your first GRE Anomaly will trigger an explanation screen that details the parameters of the encounter. They can be found all over Villedor and reward you with valuable Inhibitors that can be used to increases your max health and stamina.

Dying Light 2 GRE Anomaly
The in-game explanation for the GRE Anomaly. | Provided by Techland

Once you enter the Anomaly site, which will be a fenced-in area with some tanks surrounding it, the Revenant will appear. The Revenant will also reanimate dead Infected around the area, so you’ll have to deal with those as well.

To defeat the Revenant, you’ll want to stay on top of the tanks and cars that surround the area. The Revenant will mostly stay on the ground, hurling fireballs at you. It will also move from one corner to the other every few seconds. After it’s just moved to a new corner, you will want to pounce down from the tank and start hitting it. Don’t stay near the enemy for too long, though, as they can hit you with tremendous force.

Dying Light 2 Revenants
The GRE Anomaly site. Stay on top of these trucks to maximize your success in the fight against the Revenant. | Provided by Techland

Once you’re through with your hits, jump back up to a tank and wait for another chance to strike. Having the high ground also makes you avoid the Infected on the ground. The biggest challenge when fighting a Revenant is avoiding their fireballs, which can be done as long as you keep an eye on the enemy at all times. Then, when they move to a new location, attack from the high ground and repeat the process.

After defeating your first Revenant, you’ll be awarded the “It wasn’t that hard, was it?” achievement. You will also get to open a container with Inhibitors inside.

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