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After a few hours of completing main story missions, Dying Light 2 Stay Human will serve up the toughest enemy you’ve fought yet. This enemy is Hermann, the bodyguard for Sophie in the Bazaar of Dying Light 2. You will fight Hermann after deciding to side with either Aitor and the Peacekeepers or Sophie and Barney of the Bazaar. Whichever side you choose, Hermann won’t be happy at some point and challenges you to a fight.

Hermann is a monster of a man, boasting a huge frame, giant two-handed sledgehammer, and near-complete deafness that, unfortunately, won’t affect him during the fight. The fight itself takes place in a tiny square room, which doesn’t allow you to move much. This works in Hermann’s favor, as he has some long-reaching attacks in Dying Light 2.

Defeating Hermann in Dying Light 2

As mentioned above, Hermann has a giant sledgehammer that he swings for his main attack. This attack can be easily dodged but it’s what happens after that attack that can trip players up. If you get too close to Hermann after he swings his weapon to the ground, he will jab you with the butt of the weapon, sending you backward.

Hermann Dying Light 2
Hermann is a formidable foe in Dying Light 2. | Provided by Techland

You need to wait a second or two until he swings his weapon to avoid the jab. Then, you can start attacking the giant man. However, if you prolong your stay, he will push you back and try to attack you again.

The best way to maneuver around Hermann is just to keep dodging back and forth. This will make Hermann turn his back more, which is where you can deal the majority of your damage. Although, you need to be careful about getting too close. Hermann seems to have attacks that can hit you from farther away than it seems on-screen. After you hit a couple of attacks, start dodging away to avoid these attacks.

The process to defeat Hermann is dodge, let him swing, attack once or twice and then dodge back away again. You won’t be able to deal damage in waves, so you need to chip away at Hermann’s health using this method. You can power attack once or quick attack twice in order to deal the most effective damage.

As long as you stay away from Hermann as much as possible and deal small amounts of damage consistently, you’ll be able to take down this giant and advance the story in Dying Light 2.

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