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The hype for Lost Ark is at an all-time high thanks to its recent western release. The MMORPG has shattered records on Steam and Twitch, growing to one of the top games in the entire world shortly after its Founders release. When the game fully releases on Feb. 11, records should continue to be set for the formerly Korean-only title. As so many players are online and enjoying the world of Arkesia, some might be inclined to gather and play with their friends. Arguably the best way to expedite this process in Lost Ark is to create a guild.

Guilds are a staple of any MMORPG and offer the best way for players to get together and team up. Arkesia can be a rough place to play alone and creating a guild allows players to join up with friends or strangers to conquer the world together. However, players first need to know how to create their own guild before they can start inviting other people.

Creating a guild in Lost Ark

In order to create a guild, you will need to reach the town of Prideholme. This is the first major town in Lost Ark and truly opens up the game for players. For example, this is the city where you will acquire your first mount. However, it’s also where you will get the chance to see the Community menu.

This menu becomes available at the bottom right of your screen as soon as you enter the town. Click on the glowing menu button and you’ll see the guild screen. From here, select the “Guild” option and then press “Create.” This brings you to the guild creation screen where you can come up with a guild name and decide whether the guild is public, password-protected, etc. You can also customize your guild in many other ways.

Once the guild is set to your standards, hit the “Create” option again and you will have a working guild in Lost Ark. You can then tell your friends or other players the name of it and how to enter.

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