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One of the many staples in any MMORPG game is an AFK Timer. AFK stands for “away from keyboard,” and the timer in MMORPGs makes players who haven’t moved in several minutes leave the server so other players can join quicker. As Lost Ark players know all too well, there is a somewhat unforgiving AFK Timer in the formerly Korean-only game. Luckily, there is a way to change how much time passes before you’re considered AFK and kicked from the server.

The default AFK Timer is set to 15 minutes in Lost Ark. While this is a solid amount of time, 15 minutes can pass quickly if you’re off doing something else outside of the game. And, if you spend more than 15 minutes away from the game, you’ll be kicked and sent back to the server screen. With how popular Lost Ark has gotten with its new western release, this can be a death sentence in terms of your server waiting time. Some players have reported waiting over an hour in several thousand player queues when trying to enter a server.

To avoid this, you can change your AKF Timer to something much more forgiving. Keep reading below to figure out how to do so in Lost Ark.

Changing the AFK Timer in Lost Ark

In order to change the timer, you need to open the settings in Lost Ark by going to the main menu. Press “Settings” and then go to the “Gameplay” tab on the side of the screen. In Gameplay, press “Controls and Display” to find an option called “AFK Settings.”

From here, you can change the AFK Timer to the time you feel is fair. Of course, you can set it higher than you need but this might prevent other players from entering the server. The maximum amount of time you can enter into the setting is 60 minutes. So, you won’t be able to spend more than one hour away from your computer when playing Lost Ark before being kicked.

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