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In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you have the option of playing at several different difficulty levels. This has been the standard in most open-world titles of this generation. However, some developers only let you pick your difficulty level at the start of the game. Players are wondering if Dying Light 2 is designed this way or if they can change their difficulty when the gameplay gets too challenging or too easy.

Difficulty levels in Dying Light 2 range from “just here for the story” to so hard that you may want to throw yourself into a pit of zombies by the end. It’s truly up to the player to decide what kind of experience they want with Techland’s sequel to the original Dying Light. Luckily for players, it’s possible to change the game’s difficulty level at any point during the story.

Keep reading below to see exactly how to do that.

Changing difficulty levels in Dying Light 2

In order to change your difficulty level in Dying Light 2, you simply need to head to game settings. After you’ve begun a new adventure, just hit “Esc” on keyboard or “Options” on controller. From here, press “Options” and make sure you’re in the “Game” section of the menu. In the Game section, the option to change the difficulty level is the first box at the top.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human difficulty level
The option to select your difficulty level. | Provided by Techland

To change it, just scroll through the different levels. If you want a more laid-back adventure, then pick the beginner option. However, if you truly want a punishing experience, then pick the survival option.

You can’t go wrong with your choice but most players will find the normal difficulty level is right for them. This lets you enjoy the story and have a degree of challenge to the game without becoming overwhelmed or bored with the gameplay.

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