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Dying Light 2 Stay Human utilizes a unique map in order to keep players alive while they’re out exploring the city of Villedor. The map can be extremely deadly at night, as that’s when the zombies can come out of their hiding places and into the street. Because the infestation is so bad at night, the map offers players safe zones at various points. One of the best safe zones players can go to is by a Windmill, which need to be activated first in Dying Light 2.

By activating a Windmill, players give themselves a place to stay protected at nighttime as well as gives them a place to rest until morning. These kinds of locations are fairly spread apart in Villedor, so players need to make use of as many as possible. If players are struggling with activating a Windmill, though, they can look below for tips about how to do it in Dying Light 2.

Activating Dying Light 2 Windmills

Dying Light 2 Windmills
The in-game explanation for Windmills. | Provided by Techland

The first Windmill players will likely encounter is right after Hakon leaves them once they receive their Biomarker. Once this happens, the map of Villedor is completely open to players. This allows them to explore freely, taking on any odd job that comes their way.

If players did everything right with the Binoculars Hakon gives them, they’ll already have the first Windmill marked on their map. Players can make their way across the street to the Windmill and start the process of activating it. This can take some time, though, as it’s not readily apparent how to activate it.

Players should treat Windmills as tests of their parkour abilities. For the first one, players need to find the yellow padded X. This is essentially a trampoline that players can use to vault themselves up to the moving platform. Once on the platform, players can maneuver around the Windmill to make their way to the top and turn the mill on.

Dying Light 2
The X that players need to step on to ascend the first Windmill. | Provided by Techland

This will trigger a short cutscene, where survivors set up right below the Windmill. Merchants will be set up near the Windmill for players to sell and buy items after this happens. Of course, the biggest boon is finding the Windmill at night and using it to get away from any lingering zombies.

Not all Windmills will be the same in Dying Light 2, though. Some are located in higher ranked areas, which players will need a high stamina stat to activate. If players are in one of these high-ranked areas, they’ll need to come back once they upgrade their stamina stat or use a stamina booster. All Windmills will test the player’s parkour abilities to reach the top and activate them, though.

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