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Metro Stations are one of the most important locations you can find in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Their main purpose, aside from providing a safe zone once activated, is to serve as a fast travel point. Fast travel in Dying Light 2 relies almost solely on these Metro Stations. If you don’t have any activated, then chances are you won’t be doing much fast traveling in Villedor. This means you’ll be slumming it on the streets with hordes of Infected.

If you want to try and avoid that, you’ll need to activate as many Metro Stations as possible. You can go about doing this by finding a station and then going down under to activate each one. This is no picnic, however, as there are dozens of Infected in each station that can corner you in an instant.

Below, find out all of the details behind activating Metro Stations.

Activating Metro Stations in Dying Light 2

Your first step is to simply find a Metro Station to activate. One of the easier ones is located at Newalls Crossing, which is located in the New Dawn Park territory of the Central Loop. The station is located smack dab in the middle of the region. It’s wise to go to the Metro Stations at night, since a majority of the Infected that live inside will be out on the streets.

Once you’re at any station, go through the tunnel and head down the stairs. Here, you’ll get a quest marker to turn on a generator. Find the marker, turn the generator on and another quest marker will appear that tells you to turn on the emergency generators. Once again, find those generators, which are usually right near each other, and then go activate the station.

Dying Light 2 Metro Station Generator
One of the Metro Station Generators. | Provided by Techland

All loot inside of the station will disappear after you do this, so make sure you’ve cleared it out for any valuables. With it activated, you can now fast travel to the station. Furthermore, the station can be used as a safe zone if you’re being hunted at night.

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