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Demigods are the primary antagonist for much of the main story in Elden Ring. They’re the enemies that the lore tells you to defeat so that you can fight for your spot as Elden Lord. While there are certainly other side bosses throughout the game, you’ll know a Demigod when you see one.

These bosses are traditionally preceded by a cutscene and multiple phases. Their transition into their next phase of the fight is also accompanied by a cutscene. For those wondering, Margit the Fell, Omen is not considered a Demigod. So while it might take a long time to defeat Margit, he’s not one of the main bosses in Elden Ring. He is, however, mandatory to get through Stormveil Castle and get to the first Demigod fight of the game, Godrick the Grafted. You can skip these fights if you want to head straight past the castle, though.

Below, you can find out exactly how many other Demigods are in the game aside from Godrick.

The Demigods in Elden Ring

The only way to actually tell how many Demigods there are is to find and defeat them all. To learn about the first of the gods, though, you can talk to a man named Olfnir in the Roundtable Hold. This is the knight sitting behind the desk in the library. If you talk to him multiple times, he will tell you about the first five Demigods of Elden Ring. You can click on their names in Olfinir’s menu to learn more about each Demigod.

They are, in the order Olfnir says, as follows:

  • Godrick
  • Radahn
  • Rykard
  • Morgott
  • Rennala
Elden Ring Demigods
Olfnir is the man to let you in on some Demigod intel. | Provided by FromSoftware

Rennala is the likely next Demigod you’ll face after Godrick. She’s located inside of the Academy, which you can learn how to get to in a previous guide.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your opinion, there are even more Demigods found after these five. There are four more to be exact, bringing up the total to nine. We won’t spoil the identities of these Demigods, so you’ll have to progress fairly far in order to learn their names.

So you’re essentially looking at a gauntlet of nine Demigods in Elden Ring plus some special surprises after that. If you want to read about every and anything Elden Ring, check out Upcomer’s guide hub for the game.

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