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Nintendo Switch Sports, which doesn’t have the same ring as New Wii Sports or Wii Sports 2, is bringing those fantastic motion-based sports to the Nintendo Switch on April 29. You can play it much earlier, though.

Nintendo is hosting an online play test for Nintendo Switch Sports from Feb. 18-20. All you need to do is register your Nintendo Account on the My Nintendo Website. The Online Play Test is free to access, although you should redeem and download it before the weekend.

Check out the Online Play Test for Nintendo Switch Sports

“To prepare for the launch of the Nintendo Switch Sports game on April 29, we’ll be conducting an Online Play Test to evaluate various technical aspects and help improve the quality of the game by testing out online random matches for Tennis, Bowling and Chambara from Feb. 18-20,” reads a post from Nintendo. Players looking to participate will need an activate Nintendo Switch Online membership, which includes those that only have a trial version of the service. 

Once registered, you must redeem the reward on the My Nintendo website, insert the code you get there on your switch and download the Online Play Test game that comes up. You’ll be able to try out Tennis, Bowling and Chambara this weekend.

Nintendo fulfilled a lot of dreams with their recent February Nintendo Direct. Outside of a new Wii Sports game, the company delivered on a sequel to the fantastic Mario Strikers in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

We won’t know if Nintendo Switch Sports will be as much of a success as Wii Sports, but we’re excited to get back to flick-rolling strikes with our Mii families at the digital bowling alley.

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