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After announcing earlier this week that quality changes were coming to Halo Infinite, those changes are now live with Halo Infinite’s newest event, Cyber Showdown, which hit servers on Tuesday.

“The game has changed,” Halo tweeted. “Beat some bytes and join us for the latest free event in #HaloInfinite, Cyber Showdown, officially live now until Tuesday, February 1!”

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Shadow Event

The biggest changes coming to Halo Infinite involve the in-game shop. A point of contention for many players has been the price of goods for a free-to-play game. PCinvasion’s Kevin Foley outlined that the shop would charge “$5 for basic red paint on a single armor set.” But after listening to feedback, Jerry Hook who is the Head of Design at 343 stated that starting Tuesday, January 18, the shop will vary in content week-to-week and the team is focused on reducing prices across the board.

Cameron Woosley at PCinvasion stated that just a month ago, an armor set in the in-game shop was going for 2000 in-game points which is around $20 USD. But it appears that Hook is good for his word. The “Neon Superfly bundle” has a plethora of cosmetic content. The bundle includes new looks for the Yoroi and Mark VII armor cores and a legendary visor. It also has weapon coatings for the AR and BR, along with vehicle coatings for the Wasp and all the Warthog variants. The best part is that the bundle is $12 USD, which is significantly less than previous bundles. A sign that the game will be cheaper going forward.

The actual Cyber Showdown event features the new “Attrition” mode, a new Slayer mode where lives are shared across your team and free cosmetic rewards for players to obtain. There are 10 event challenges where players can complete to unlock the free cosmetic rewards. The rewards range from weapon coatings to stances to visors and even a Neon Mohawk Armor FX.  The event runs from January 18 through February 1.

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