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The Halo Infinite team at 343 Industries released a big Mid-Season Update for the game, including both multiplayer and campaign fixes. Some of the biggest notable changes include better first-person animations, improved cheat detection and stability improvements on Xbox.

Theater mode changed

According to the patch notes, the update mainly “brings several bug fixes and a few small additions” for the game. The Halo Infinite team also mentioned audio mix fixes across campaign and multiplayer. The patch notes also include the OpTic Gaming HCS skin bundle addition.

According to the Halo Infinite team, these improvements have “required us to invalidate past Theater films.” The post continues by recommending a “digital recording tool,” so the Theater mode itself is different.

Multiplayer and campaign changes

The multiplayer changes, aside from cheat detection, include minor fixes, such as increasing the Combat Sensor’s range in the Big Team Battle game mode. For players who have a ban on their account, the time is now visible in-game. According to the notes, the date “will be in the MM/DD/YY format and PT time.”

Matchmaking playlists are updated to “accurately show estimated wait times” and the post-game report will “reflect the correct winning team after online games.”

As for the campaign changes, the save system is now “preventing data loss.” Along with that, interactive items have fixed audio and visual effects after completing the campaign. Lastly, Forerunner artifacts’ descriptions now “appears correctly when playing in a language other than English.”

In the patch notes, the team talks about two new known issues. The first is that LAN servers can’t start on PC from the in-game menus. This is avoided by using these launch options on Steam: -server -console -lan. Second, the Bot Bootcamp game playlist, has an inaccurate estimated wait time. According to the team, “actual wait times may vary but should be much shorter than the listed estimated wait.”

Fans will be glad to see these significant changes from the Mid-Season Update instilled in Halo Infinite soon.

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