Halo Infinite Feb. 24 patch preview: campaign and anti-cheat changes
Master Chief looks on in the Halo Infinite trailer
Master Chief looks on in the Halo Infinite trailer

Halo Infinite Feb. 24 patch preview: campaign and anti-cheat changes

Campaign and anti-cheat improvements highlight the preview

On the Halo Waypoint website, 343 Industries outlined a few of the things coming to Halo Infinite in the next patch, which is set to drop on Thursday. The update will include improvements to the campaign, anti-cheat and the game’s general stability and performance.

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Firstly, there will be improvements to networking and how much lag impacts gameplay. Instances of rubber banding or players getting shot around walls and corners have been specifically outlined as things that should decrease with the upcoming patch. Also along this line are improvements to first-person animations, as some players experienced frame rate issues when reloading. Those animations should run smoother as the update goes live across PC and console.

For single-player fans, the campaign is getting a much needed bug fix, along with a few quality of life improvements. This includes achievements unlocking and returning to the story from the quick resume button. The preview also stressed that the team has been working on these issues since Halo Infinite’s launch and that players should expect more updates for the campaign in the future.

Changes to the range of the motion tracker in big teams battles was also outlined. Due to community feedback, it will increase from 18 meters to 24 meters, according to the preview.

Lastly, the patch preview touches on improvements to the Halo Infinite anti-cheat system. While no specifics were given, the update mentioned multiple improvements to the anti-cheat systems in Thursday’s update and that the team will “have even more to share about anti-cheat in the near future.”

While this preview may be light in details, fans of the game responded to the preview with optimism around the changes in the thread below. The changes to the big team battle motion tracker changes being received the best.

The patch should go live on Friday morning and fans can read over these changes on the Halo support website.

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