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When OpTic Halo player Tommy “Lucid” Wilson logged onto Halo Infinite on Feb. 21, he didn’t know why he was banned. Other players and Halo fans started to say, somewhat jokingly, that he was being punished for saying that Infinite didn’t have enough content for a live service game.

“At this pace I suppose very little is coming to Infinite until next season,” Lucid tweeted on Feb. 18. “For a ‘live service’ game this is just unacceptable.”

The ban was lifted later on the same day, but it only illustrated how frustrated Halo players are with how widespread cheating has become in Halo Infinite. Lucid received a ban, but many other cheaters were running rampant in online servers.

Halo Infinite gets improved anti-cheat with update

Lucid never figured out why he was banned, but is pretty sure it isn’t because he said something about the amount of content available for Halo Infinite. He assumed it was because cheaters were posing as him, one of the most popular competitors in the Halo Championship Series.

343 Industries released the mid-season update on Feb. 24, including “improved cheat detection and other anti-cheat improvements,” according to the blog post that came with it. Game developers try and keep their improvements to anti-cheat software secret as to not help cheaters learn how to get around the systems meant to stop them.

Like every other popular multiplayer shooter, Halo Infinite has had a problem with cheating since it launched in December. Honest players have had to deal with cheaters using wall hacks, aim bots and other glitches for months.

343 Industries has said that they recognize the issue and that solutions are on the way, including the one listed in this most recent update. The studio has said that their philosophy is about catching cheaters without using kernal drivers or background services like what Riot Games uses in VALORANT.

“We *are* banning cheaters that are identified through internal means and via player reports on HaloSupport,” said senior Halo community manager John Junyszek in a tweet in January. “We’ve also got a patch coming in February that’ll add even more protection and detection.”

Cheaters won’t stop trying to have their way with Halo Infinite and players are hoping for more from 343 Industries. You can report cheaters, but many want an easier and more seamless system for reporting. They also want a better system for catching cheaters before they get into a game. We’ll have to wait and see if this anti-cheat update shows improvements in that area.

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