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With the conclusion of pool play during Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major in Raleigh, North Carolina comes the formation of the Championship Bracket. 

The Championship Bracket at HCS Raleigh is a merger between the seeding of pool play and the conclusion of the open bracket from Day 1 of the event. For the 16 teams from pool play, the Championship Bracket is a sigh of relief and a second chance. However, for the teams that made it out of the hundreds of teams from the open bracket, this is just the beginning of an uphill battle. 

To merge the two sides of the tournament the Championship Bracket is broken up into two rounds of winners. The first round is a mixture of the open bracket teams and teams from the latter end of pool play. While the second round of winners consists of the first and second seeds from pool play. 

Winners Round 1 matchups

  • The Boys, who are the fourth seed from Pool 3, will challenge partnered team Sentinels who made it out of open bracket play due to a cheating incident
  • The Guard from the open bracket will face off against XSET who was the third seed from Pool 4. 
  • Mockit Esports from the open bracket is facing Bing Chilling who came from Pool 1 as the fourth seed. 
  • Natus Vincere as the third seed from Pool 2 will face FootFungus792 from the open bracket.
  • Status Quo from the open bracket is facing fourth seed in European team Acend from Pool 4.
  • Oxygen Esports from Pool 3 as the fourth seed will face Built By Gamers from the open bracket. 
  • TEAM WAR from the open bracket is facing off against DIVINE MIND who was the fourth seed from Pool 2. 
  • BLVKHVNO from the open bracket is facing The Chiefs who was the third seed from Pool 1. 
HCS Raleigh Championship Bracket
HCS Raleigh Championship Bracket. | Provided by HCS

Winners Round 2 matchups

  • OpTic Gaming will take on the winner from either The Boys or Sentinels
  • FaZe Clan will take on the winner of The Guard versus XSET
  • eUnited will face off against Mocketit Esports or Bling Chilling
  • Spacestation Gaming will face either FootFungus792 or Natus Vincere
  • G2 Esports are tasked with taking down either Acend versus Status Quo
  • Pioneers will face against either Oxygen Esports or Built By Gamers
  • Cloud9 will take down either TEAM WAR or DIVINE MIND
  • Quadrant will face against the winner of BLVKHVND versus The Chiefs

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