GMT Esports' Gnaske views FENNEL as friends, not threats
Photo of Gnaske and the GMT Apex team at the Split 2 playoffs
Photo of Gnaske and the GMT Apex team at the Split 2 playoffs | Provided by GMT Esports

GMT Esports’ Gnaske views FENNEL as friends, not threats

Instead of trading trash talk, these teams were trading candy in bootcamp

After an incredible run in the first round of the ALGS Split 2 playoffs lower bracket on Saturday, GMT Esports secured the top spot, guaranteeing them a spot in the second round and putting them one step close to finals qualification. Their performance on Friday in the group stage was lacking, which put them into the losers bracket in the first place, but GMT adjusted and were able to bounce back.

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“I don’t know what what happened, but we would be caught on rotations, a team would just see us like 200 meters away and would just full send us,” said GMT in-game leader Casper “Gnaske” Præstensgaard in a post-match interview with Darren “KillerPigeon” Elmy. “Now, we studied what we did wrong, we studied what was the reasoning for the practice – what we had practiced, why it didn’t work and came to the conclusion that we need to be more aggressive. Today we came in with more confidence; my teammates were hitting nasty shots, it was going good.”

One of the teams that tried to contest GMT was the FENNEL roster from Japan, who had caused problems for them in the earlier games on the first day. Saturday saw GMT on top of those contest encounters, however, with them successfully warding FENNEL off in Game 1 on World’s Edge and again in Games 2 and 3 on Storm Point. GMT and FENNEL actually sat next to each other during their pre-playoffs bootcamp, and developed more of a friendship than a rivalry.

“I don’t really see them as threats,” Gnaske said. “I see them more as friends, because when we were bootcamping together they were sitting right behind us and we were obviously practicing and testing scrims.”

Apparently whenever GMT won, FENNEL would shout “GG nice,” and give them candy, while when FENNEL won, GMT would do the same, just louder. The two teams seem to have formed a strong camaraderie leading up to this tournament and it will be hard to root for one over the other going into the second lower bracket round.