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Generation Esports, Atlanta esports brand Ghost Gaming and the Georgia Scholastic Esports Foundation (GSEF) are bringing esports programs to underprivileged middle schools across Georgia.

Scholastic esports in Georgia

Students in Georgia will get to experience esports competitions thanks to Generation Esports. They will also receive free academic curricula from the GSEF. Meanwhile, Ghost Gaming will provide career development opportunities through affiliated esports players, content creators and coaches.

Generation Esports founded the High School Esports (HSEL) and Middle School Esports League (MSEL) as well, and both leagues will pilot a free invitational event this fall. Rocket League and Chess will be played by Forsyth County middle schools.

Generation Esports to bring competitive gaming to students and local communities across the United States
Rocket League screenshot. | Provided by Psyonix LLC

Free tournaments for Rocket League and Chess will also be open to all middle schools in Georgia by the spring of 2022, according to the announcement.

There will also be a partnership with The Georgia Institute of Technology to support academic research. This will ensure that esports can deliver positive results in terms of social-emotional learning, academics and student participation diversity.

“We want to provide structure and support for youth in Georgia who have a passion for gaming,” said Stewart Tanner, Head of Partnerships at Ghost Gaming. “We chose to align with Generation Esports and the Georgia Scholastic Esports Foundation since together we can provide organized in-school esports competition and curriculum with a focus on accessibility, inclusion and positive student outcomes.”

Rocket League screenshot. | Provided by Psyonix LLC

Esports across the United States

Currently, Generation Esports operates programs at more than 5,000 schools across the United States. The organization also raised $10.8 million in its Series A for expansion. In addition to Ghost Gaming, other esports partnerships include Team Envy based in Dallas and the Kansas City Pioneers.

Mason Mullenioux, the CEO of Generation Esports, noted that competitive gaming is a huge opportunity for young gamers in the United States.

“When we enter a new state, we look to partner with the leading professional esports team in that market and Ghost is hands-down the leader in Georgia and the southeast,” Mullenioux said.

He added that he’s excited about the partnership, as it would allow more students to learn from and interact with the professionals at Ghost Gaming.

Generation Esports to bring competitive gaming to students and local communities across the United States
Rocket League screenshot. | Provided by Psyonix LLC

Students and local communities

Generation Esports also partnered up with Ting Internet to bring competitive gaming to high school students and local gaming communities across the United States. Ting Internet will host esports events in-person and online in several cities with high-speed Ting Internet access.

The goal of both Generation Esports and Ting Internet is to make competitive gaming more accessible to students in high school and ultimately legitimize it as a varsity sport. Students will also get the chance to become involved in an inclusive esports team at zero cost to their parents or schools, according to the press release.

The Ting-sponsored esports events will start this month in select cities, and the first in-person tournament will begin on Sept. 11. at the Boys and Girls Club in Solana Beach, California. Competitors will have the opportunity to win prizes such as gaming consoles, gift cards and more.

Those who wish to participate can register now through Eventbrite.

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