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South Korean video game developer Nimble Neuron announced on Wednesday that they will partner with esports organization Gen.G to promote a competitive scene for their survival-MOBA-BR title, Eternal Return.

In two separate announcements, one made by Nimble Neuron and one made by Gen.G, both parties discussed bringing more events globally. As part of the initial wave of events planned, the Eternal Return College Cup and Eternal Return Collegiate Club Program are designed to bring the world of ERBS to the collegiate esports scene. Other titles, like Rocket League and League of Legends, have seen success in a collegiate environment.

As first reported by Esports Insider, the partnership will last for two years. Arnold Hur, the CEO of Gen.G, said that this partnership will be different than what most people expect in esports.

“We’re taking what a partnership has traditionally meant in the esports space and flipping it on its head,” Hur said. “Gen.G has always been about cultivating an inclusive and widespread community worldwide where fans could come together to celebrate esports and gaming as a whole.”

Nam Seok Kim, the CEO of Nimble Neuron, also expressed excited about the partnership.

“We are very excited to open this new chapter of Eternal Return with Gen.G Esports, who have continually challenged themselves to build a worldwide audience as well as in Korea,” Kim said.

Speaking of Korea activations, Gen.G’s PC Cafe in Seoul will host an event where “fans can play with Eternal Return streamers.”

About Eternal Return

Eternal Return is a twist on the classic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre. ERBS adds in both survival and Battle Royale elements to the mix. The game puts 18 players on an island with the goal of being the ultimate survivor.

Players can pick one of more than 50 characters in an expanding pool of “test subjects,” all with different identities, lore and playstyles. Players drop into Lumia Island and are tasked with taking down animals and hunting for equipment in order to gain access to powerful abilities and weapons in order to take down the other players.

The game released in November of 2020 in early access. Since then, ERBS has been in steady development with new features coming to the game regularly.

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