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In quite possibly the most game-altering season update yet, Fortnite has dramatically changed overnight. Fortnite Season 9 brings several new additions, including Neo Tilted, a Mega Mall, and the Slipstreams.

With the Season 9 teasers spelling out “Neo,” it’s no surprise the island of Fortnite changed. While many thought a new map entirely was coming, Fortnite decided to go a different route. That route being to take the game into the future.

Here’s everything that changed on the Fortnite island in Season 9.

Neo Tilted, Mega Mall replace old locations

You didn’t really think Tilted Towers and Retail Row were gone for good, did you? Fortnite rebuilt these two iconic locations but rebranded them to fit in with the futuristic theme.

Even though Retail Row is now “Mega Mall,” there are still remnants of the old location. Although, most of the old blacktop section is now a huge mall with various entrances and buildings.

Fortnite Season 9: Mega Mall, Neo Tilted, and Slipstreams added

For fans of nostalgia, the old Retail neighborhood is still intact. However, the once broken-down house is now complete.

As for Tilted Towers, fans knew something was happening with the POI when Fortnite tweeted out their third teaser. Many guessed at a rebuild, and they were correct. Tilted has been renamed “Neo Tilted” and been given a huge makeover in Season 9.

Changing the old, modern buildings to new, futuristic structures is what a lot of people had in mind. Fortnite did just this, as Neo Tilted looks like an entirely new location.

Along with these two rebrands, the long-named Dusty Divot also has a new look. Now named “Pressure Plant,” the Season 8 volcano seems to have taken its toll on the divot. Lava surrounds the area and a geothermal power plant now stands where the research center once stood.

Slipstreams and Sky Platforms

Another map-altering change in Season 9 is the Slipstreams. Scattered in various places around the map, Slipstreams allow players to traverse the map with ease. Suspended horizontally, players can fly through Slipstream rings to get around effortlessly.

In addition to the Slipstream rings, Sky Platforms are also new with Season 9. Players can interact with all seven of the platforms, going up or down as they please. They also hold some great loot, so these should be somewhat popular in the weeks to come.

Fortnite Season 9: Mega Mall, Neo Tilted, and Slipstreams added

What do you think of all the map changes? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season 9 news and updates

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