Fortnite Nexus Event will bring back an old item from the Vault

Fortnite Nexus Event will bring back an old item from the Vault

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As the final couple of runes lock into place around Fortnite‘s Loot Lake, its new event is starting to take shape. Dubbed the “Nexus Event,” the six runes have been causing various mini-events around the island. Among these mini-events are previous vaulted weapons and items appearing on T.V. screens.

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After the Bouncer first appeared, several more items showed up with each rune. So far, these items include the Drum Gun, a plane, Grapplers, Tactical SMG’s, and the Infinity Blade. With this event set to start within the next few days, these items will no doubt play a major role in the outcome.

What’s going to happen?

According to various leaks, the Nexus Event will allow players to vote on which item to un-vault. While many players didn’t know what the runes were locking into, it seems as though it is the actual Vault.

Thought previously to be a door or rocket launch platform, no one assumed this huge metallic frame in Loot Lake was the actual Fortnite Vault. Home to over a dozen weapons and items, one seems to be returning to the game. However, unlike in the past, Epic will not un-vault this item themselves.

The last rune will lock in sometime this week, and the Nexus Event will follow shortly thereafter. We don’t yet know how the event will work, but it’s safe to assume that player interaction will play a huge role.

Like with most of the previous runes, every lobby across every server will need to work together. However, this time, not everyone will be in sync on what to do. Each player will be voting on what they personally want to see return to Fortnite, which will undoubtedly cause some rifts among the community.

Which item should be un-vaulted?

There are, of course, more popular vaulted items than others. There are also some items that, if un-vaulted, will severely upset the balance of the game. Planes and the Infinity Blade are at the top of this list, as neither one needs to see the outside of the Vault.

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That said, Tactical SMG’s, Bouncers, and Grapplers would all be solid choices. These items don’t bring any unnecessary power to Fortnite, as planes or the blade would. Also, adding back Bouncers and Grapplers would make the game much more fast-paced.

Whichever way the community chooses to vote in the Nexus Event, some will be left unhappy. However, if either planes or the Infinity Blade are brought back, there might be an all-out riot.

Which item do you want un-vaulted? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for everything Fortnite

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